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I am a novice hiker, but I felt like an expert because of the information your site provides. I’m thinking we must have missed a (possible?) Thank you so much! We're currently offline. Went here on 1/21/17, this guide was spot on (minus the toilet at the beginning, which I suspect is due to it being January). Hi everyone – I am planning to hike Mt. Mike, Thank you for all the details you provide on the descriptions of the hikes. 37.  If applicable, when you cross the stream, say hello to your friendly neighborhood marbled orb weaver. Erosion is getting worse from jeeps and ATVs. Woo-hoo! We survived. Good stuff. Could that be it? Maybe it’s meant as a habitat for woodland creatures, like when they make an artificial reef by sinking a ship.  As far as local landmarks go, Discarded Woodland SUV pales in comparison to Dozer Junction, right? Beacon Incline Railway Restoration Society!). 36.  In about five minutes, the White Trail crosses a stream on a nice wooden footbridge. From some web searches, it looks like these were marbled orb weavers.  If you do catch one in the face, you can take some solace in the fact that they are “harmless to people,” as soon as you get done screaming.  They’re also apparently busiest in the late summer, so if you’re here at a different time of year, maybe you won’t see any.  If you are here in late summer, another good rule of thumb: Let your hiking partner go first. Beacon shot yet. We’ll be taking our dog up with us, so always looking for puppy friendly joints! This is the same white trail you reach at Dozer Junction, except following it from here takes you on a long-cut over to Bald Hill, then eventually hits Dozer Junction and Lambs Hill. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference offers concise, excellent advice on hiking during this crisis here: The New Hiking How-tos. If you’re going to tackle the entire loop, you’ll need to be really careful to follow the directions above exactly (there are a ton of turns and different trails), and I highly recommend springing for the NY-NJTC map for this area: One thing I will say about this hike- I am in ok shape (live in the city, have a job that jeeps me mostly on my feet), but my hiking companion we learned is not, and this hike was rather difficult for him. Beacon Park.  Turn left into the parking lot from 9D and let the adventure begin!  (You can also turn left onto Howland Ave and then turn right into the parking lot, if that suits you better.). Yesterday, I was almost run over by a guy in full moto gear on his motocross bike as Casino ends and WMT begins. Has anyone ever hiked Mt. But then, if you continue on you pretty much see no people and its one of the best hikes I’ve done from this website. 12.  Grab a seat.  Take it in.  Eat a granola bar. In 1902 a Casino … Beacon is open (and improved!) Hope that helps, and I hope you have a great trip, whenever you decide to tackle it! Great way to spend Veteran’s Day. Thanks again! A note though is that at the no longer marked fork, where you say to go straight, i would just clarify for others that straight means the little trail going down, not the large road climbing up. This property was built in 1941 and last sold … Mount Beacon Park Mount Beacon can be seen from miles around and is the northern gateway to the Hudson Highlands. I am thinking of starting at the upper red trail and winding back down to the fire tower the next time. Beacon Fire Tower Restoration Committee, Mt. Luckily, it put me out of the forest only a couple minutes walk from the parking lot, so for any other hikers that accidentally leave the red trail, you’ll probably be fine. It was awesome and we loved the hysterical directions from Mike. Check this link for up-to-the-minute information on the Mt. Thanks as always for your clear instructions! If I could into improve the write-up to keep the same thing from happening to other hikers, please let me know! So good. After some steep climbing, you’ll pop into a clearing (it took us nine minutes to get there from the intersection with the signage) with a clear view of the tower, which is now a good deal closer.  You’re getting there! Beacon Mountain, locally Mount Beacon, is the highest peak of the Hudson Highlands, located behind the City of Beacon, New York, in the Town of Fishkill. Much appreciated! Would love a report if you check it out today – good luck, hope all goes smoothly! Home CALENDAR. Because of your tips and trail descriptions, I was easily able to do my first Hudson Valley hike on Monday up to the fire tower of Mt. (I have a picture of an old blue blaze in that area, in Step 17 above.) Mount Beacon Amateur Radio Club, Wappingers Falls, NY. Also, 2020 … It was definitely worth it to me, trails were well marked for the majority of the hike and there was great views along the way. This was the third hike of yours that I’ve done, and they have all absolutely floored me. 16.  Just a couple minutes after the well-marked intersection, no more Mr. Nice Road.  The Red Trail becomes an actual trail again.  Oh yeah, we’re climbing the tallest mountain in the Hudson Highlands.  Almost forgot. I wouldn’t really recommend doing this one alone. Where did I go wrong? Without your trail guide I probably wouldn’t have ventured out into the wilderness by myself… I will try another one soon before the winter cold completely freezes my motivation to remove myself from my snuggly nyc apartment…. I was pretty exhausted at that point, and missed the section where you mention to not go down the middle, in between the white makers. It’s snowing here right now .Are running shoes sufficient ? However, the Eco Lodges and Cottages are open all year round. Next time, especially on a long unknown hike like this, I’m gonna do it with a buddy. Fantastic – so glad to hear it! I’m doing this on Saturday and hopefully II can out up with the 7.7 mile beast. Does anyone know if Mount Beacon has reopened as of 7/2/2020? Glad you had a nice day out there, Frank! Wanted to do the whole loop but sunset was about an hour after getting off the fire tower 🙁 Still enjoyed it thoroughly. Hang in there and stay safe, everyone! I’m not sure if I’ve seen a better viewpoint, and I’ve been 10,000+ ft up in the swiss alps. Just wondering since I can’t seem to find any accurate info. But a mild warning! I hope so… Thanks!!! I have to say this guide is awesome. (Right after you turn, you may notice the nail that once tacked a very helpful yellow blaze to that tree on the right-hand side of the intersection.). It took us about 2 hours to go up to the fire tower and back. 😉 Oh and our dog Remington loved it!!! Would appreciate your suggestions. There was many places with views in every direction possible including the city on a clear day. That’s good to hear. Have a blast! Your email address will not be published. That’s my new best guess — if you retrace your steps back to the Red Trail after the tower, you should be good to go. If you’re him, I applaud you & hope you make your living doing that, because if not seriously what gives? Please read it before heading out into the wild green yonder, and let's hope that everyone will adhere to that guidance so that we can keep heading in the right direction in the Hudson Valley. I have carried a baby on my back to the casino overlook (Step 12 above) with no problem, but that’s as far as I’ve gone while kid-lugging. A few more heavy rains and the erosion is going to make things worse. The view is amazing. Hello, I was thinking to try this hike on Tuesday 25th, it seems that the weather will be decent, in 50s, no rain. 26.  The intersection of the Yellow Trail and Blue Trail is almost a T – the Yellow Trail turns sharply to the right and uphill, while the Blue Trail begins to your left, sloping gently downhill.  You’d probably hop on the Blue Trail by accident if you weren’t paying attention to the markings – it looks like the logical way to go, and it is. You want real boots; snowy/slushy trails are not the place for running shoes. Happy (free) adventuring out there! Need to find out more about that…. We tried left first – that was wrong.  Turn right here to stay on the Yellow Trail, heading downhill. I did the loop as described yesterday. 🙂. No description provided. From here on out, 50% of the proceeds generated from the purchase of sweet custom gear from Hike the Hudson Valley’s online store will be donated to the NY-NJ Trail Conference, the organization that makes so many of our adventures possible. But, the views from that trail were totally worth it. i saw the same trail heading to the right by the dozer but didn’t want to risk it. Awesome descriptions. I hiked Mt. The views were insane. We had an amazing time and didn’t get lost once! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A beacon of remembrance - the beacon atop Mount Diablo - will be lit Monday, Dec. 7, honoring those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor 89 years ago. 14.  Oh, you’re heading to the tower?  Excellent decision.  Let’s do this thing. I’ll write the trail guide below as if you’re doing the entire beast of a 7.7-mile loop, but I’ll also advise you when to turn around and retrace your steps back to your car if you’re just going to the overlook or the tower, as I expect the vast majority of hikers will be doing. 24.  Just keep hoofing along, following the ample yellow blazes.  In less than ten minutes, more southerly views will open up to your right. See this Scenic Hudson article for more details: Parking Improvements at Mount Beacon Park … Thank you, Robin! You shouldn’t find a mob scene here during the week, but this likely won’t be a hike that you’ll have all to yourself, either (unless you continue past the tower). Not sure about the other trails since I didn’t venture past the tower. Lots of ice and snow so took some extra time to complete the loop but overall a great day. Walk around the wooden gate and proceed along the gravel path.  You’re on the red-blazed Casino Trail right now (or heading towards it) — I didn’t notice any blazes until a little further up the trail. Thanks. Its 234 acres were protected in 1995 and 1998, halting a proposed residential subdivision and preserving important remnants of the Mount Beacon … Beacon, our usual path took us on a bunch of deer trails, which was, as far as we could tell, exactly what our trail book was telling us to do. Featured content and resource list – click pencil to add content. But darn it, I’m doing this and I’m taking the beast loop! Forgot to mention. Fourth of July weekend will be pretty epic. I’ve never taken that new section of White Trail, though.  Next time!  Instead, I turned right a minute too soon (just like everyone else) and took the old, rocky, very well-beaten path up to the tower, which still bears some of the old trail markings. That’s great to hear! Awesome – thanks for the update, Brian! In sum, if you have the time and the athletic capability, you are doing yourself a disservice not to do the full hike, it is incredible! You won’t regret that purchase, I promise. Loved seeing the dozer, Thanks for a great guide. I think under step 31, we made the right on to the white trail and not the left. The ascent to the first overlook was the hardest part— once you get to the first viewpoint (casino remains), the hike to the fire tower is not that bad. Contact Us. The full loop was a great hike. Question……is there a lot of hikers during the week? 10-15 minutes from the summit of Lambs Hill, you may notice the Red Trail exiting to your right, with a three-way arrow on the rock to help you see this junction. The one area that I got off the trail was at the Dozer Junction transitioning to the White Trail. The city’s recreation … Unfortunately the ruins have new graffiti all on the walls (why? Thanks for the great guide. I expect lots of mud, but do I need my spikes as well? I asked him about the trail conditions up there now — you can see his response here: Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. I had a blast on my first hike, and I fully intend on doing a lot of the other hikes featured on Hike the Hudson Valley. Seems like the Wilkinson trail is closed due to the fires from Breakneck but the trails leading to the fire tower are fine right? Not sure! I did the hike a few months ago and in my mind I felt like the walk through the town was part of the Mount Beacon Journey. Thank you for this ! Super-cool Google Earth flyover of hike route: Google Terrain Map of hike route (beast loop):Â. Thanks for making my day with this comment. I’m going to use the NY-NJ Trail Conference website to report it. Beacon today and saw that someone had chained their bike to the bottom of the stairs, which is just slightly passed the beginning of the hike. We are athletic, but not experienced hikers so any tips you have would be appreciated. Definitely worth it! Beacon fire tower without paying it a visit.  That’s the hike I’d recommend to most hikers, if you have enough gas in the tank for the extra 2 roundtrip miles and 500 vertical feet that it will cost you to visit the tower. Building on Gov. In 1995 and 1998 Scenic Hudson, the City of Beacon and the Town of Fishkill … I went for a super early morning hike last Friday to Mount Beacon, had my breakfast on the casino site, and decided to finally try for the fire tower, as well! Really appreciate the kind words, glad you had a great day out there! It happens! Definitely recommend power-hiking, not running, the steep initial ascent, but much of the blue trail is an absolute delight to run, and I really appreciated running down that same steep red trail on the way back down (although it did seems to terrify/freak out a few other hikers).…, Fun fact: If you accidentally find yourself on someone’s private property like I did (uh, like I said, I got a little lost), be aware that the bulldozer in their yard is NOT, actually, the Dozer junction…, Thanks again for the guide; it was fun. I'll do my best to keep that page as up-to-date as possible. 27.  Here’s where the logic ends.  The Blue Trail really wants to buck you off of it.  Remember that, and play, “Where’s the next trail marker?” for the entire (fairly short – approx. Yup checked it out on 3/12. 39.  Once you’re on the Yellow Trail for a moment, you’ll see the official three-blaze beginning of the trail.  We’ll be on this trail for about one mile. We were happy to be wearing microspikes, as were most of the other hikers we met along the way. Best description of a trail I have read…entertaining and informative. Fantastic views. Went up about 3 weeks ago and there was still tons of snow, hopefully all gone now. If not, retrace your steps back to your car from here, carefully following the Red Trail the whole way down.  Hope you enjoyed the trip!  You may not be visiting the fire tower today, but you’ll get the last laugh – when the rest of us are stumbling back down the hill later today, you’ll already be polishing off your last slice of post-hike pizza.  Bon appétit! Hope you had a great day out there today. Choose the right fork, which heads mercifully downhill again. Your email address will not be published. Look sharp out there while supporting the trails! Attempted the loop, followed the white, looking for the red, then yellow, then blue. Lol… Quite the adventure. Hello! Check out the shops and eateries along Beacon’s vibrant Main Street and Dia:Beacon, a world-class museum featuring late-20th-century art housed in a former factory. It gets quite crowded this time of year. If you’re not sure you’re ready for it, maybe pick something a little less strenuous & work your way up to this. Sadly, this mountain gradually is becoming more of a dump. We walked into Fishkill … That’s when we realized we took a wrong turn. Mt. The City of Beacon offers a Free Loop Bus that takes hikers from the Metro North Train Station to the Mount Beacon Casino (Red), Wilkenson Memorial (Yellow), and Fishkill Ridge (White) Trail Loop … Pay it no mind, and keep heading straight on the White Trail.  Going down! My husband and I are in ok shape but I wanted to make sure it was ok to do it wearing our baby. This comment made my day! Btw, your trail breakdown is very helpful for lone hikers like me. Thanks for this great guide! Keep following those white blazes as the trail twists and turns down the hill.  Don’t be lured onto any unmarked trails – there are a few lurking around here. If you find this free trail guide useful, please provide payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on your hike. 9.  From the unmarked (except by EVOL) fork, it took us about 15 minutes to reach the upper ruins of the Mt. Would love to know the name of the place you went to eat! Never thought I would say this, but I might start avoiding Beacon moving forward…. So, the first 1.2 miles up is very steep and very hard, and a great work out, but it is PACKED with people. If you do the hike take precautions and be sure to do a thorough tick check afterwards. (If you’re going on a nice weekend, be sure to get there very early to avoid the crowds.) Luckily when I was there, we didn’t find any!! If I wanted to send you something out of gratitude for your work, how would I do that? I took a cab from the Metro Notth station to 640 Wolcott, but that’s about a mile from the trailhead. It was incredibly helpful. I hike every weekend and it’s hard to find a website that posts pictures. after a brief closure for construction in early 2018. oops. I don’t know about cabs, but Chris is right that there are some buses than run through main street that can get you closer if you don’t want to walk from the station to the trail. Same thing can pretty much be said when continuing on to the fire tower. We also highly recommend you seek an alternate place to enjoy the outd… Actually, we made it from yellow to blue to white; however, after re-reading this page over and over for where we went wrong, I think I found it! By afternoon the surface was wet and soft so traction coming down was poor; without traction aids of some sort I suspect a couple falls would be expected. It’s a beautiful hike! Click below to view. Just wondering, who takes your photos? Much appreciated! Thank YOU, Wilson! I have done a few of your hikes now, & your jovial tone and detailed instructions are Botha pleasure & a tremendous help. You heading back home?  That’s a good call.  Hope you enjoyed the trip today!  If you happen to see CHUNK THE DOG on your way home, be sure to give him a pat on the head.  Otherwise, have a safe trip back to your car! I have never hiked one of your trails but from after reading a few of your guides, I cannot wait to do so! A good workout for sure. Much of the land traversed by the hike has been protected through the efforts of Scenic Hudson, which preserves open space in the Hudson River valley. We definitely followed the white trail south from the tower, we descended down some steep bluffs at the bottom the blue blaze was on our right. The view at the casino overlook is so awesome, you could absolutely make it your final destination.  If you headed back to your car from here, you would have bagged yourself a nice 2.4-mile roundtrip hike, complete with a righteous clifftop money spot. Thanks! GPS coordinates of parking area: 41.49371, -73.9597 (Clicking will open in Google Maps or the Apple Maps app, depending on your browser/device.). Thanks! Awesome, Paul – thank you, and I hope you had a great trip out there today! That came into play for me on the trail, I ran into a couple unsure about the correct path and I was also unsure, so we consulted this site and made our way up. Beacon with friends this week. 22.  In just a minute, you’ll arrive at another fork, where you’ll go left to stay on the Red Trail. Thanks so much for your guides! And thanks for the thought on an update to make things clearer — I’ve updated Step 15 above accordingly. I made it to the fire tower and turned around. The pictures help a lot. Nope, it’s free! Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.Â, Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19, Parking Improvements at Mount Beacon Park to Enhance Enjoyment of Popular Hudson Highlands Hiking Destination, Mount Beacon Incline Railway Restoration Society, Mt. Hey Mike Finally, we did not see the “faint blue blaze” marking the old trail to the fire tower, and since there were few other hikers today we didn’t have anyone to follow up the old path. This is a picture of the one I saw: Very cool – thanks for sharing that pic here, S! I am looking forward to doing it today!! It wasn’t over the winter, but I figure that might’ve just been because it was winter. P.S. Hope you have a better experience out there this time! It's rocky and steep for about an hour. Possible to run it ultra-style? most of the leaves are down and covering the On my way down I managed to get lost somewhere near the bottom (since it was night time), ending up on what might have been a service road. It was extremely helpful for research and helping me Be Prepared (Scout Motto). Learn more about the remarkable life of Catheryna “Madam” Brett, Beacon’s first European settler, by visiting her 1709 house. Thank you! Mount Beacon is beautiful but this hike is quite the challenge. Added on some extra miles! I posted your question to the site’s Facebook page. interesting, has anyone ventured out this way? Oh well; like you said, it happens! This article is amazing , so much detailed information, thank you so much. But if you don’t want to walk, I don’t recall seeing any cabs at the station, but then again, I wasn’t looking for them. Overall, it was great. Agreed – I don’t recall seeing bike racks right there, and don’t see any in my pictures of the parking area (and don’t see any at Bob’s, either, though there could be some around the side), but there are plenty of other posts, fences, signs and trees that should be fine for locking a bike. Will hike again. We had to stop several times to rest, & he thinks his legs will probably hurt tomorrow. It is not too hard, and there are at least 5-6 additional view spots and a waterfall! Beautiful hike though!! I totally agree with Chris. 1. loose rocks. From beginning to end it is in your face both view wise and toughness wise. Connecting people with inspirational 
power of the Hudson River since 1963. If you want your hike to just be a little longer or just want a different view not far from the firetower, walk the red trail past the tower trail until the yellow trail and follow it a 1/8 of a mile and there is a nice view on some rocks and you can see the city. Hi, J! Oh also, on the trail, pay close attention to Step 17. above. Laughed at the thumb-pointing direction. I usually walk from the station along Wolcott Ave/9D which takes you along the edge of town straight over to where the trail starts right by the Bob Mountain Grocery. Mystery solved! The way you described that obnoxiously healthy human (my new favorite phrase) at the end is giving me the mental image of Rob Lowe from Parks & Rec. Thank you so much for the detailed descriptions. He’s not a big lard, either, but lives a mostly sedentary lifestyle. What a difference a year makes! Hi Mike! However much of a hike you decide to tackle here, just be sure that you do pay Mt. i want to make some hot cholocate for my freinds lol. Looking back at the site now I feel even dumber. Thanks so much, Breech! Thank you for any input! The most obvious (but not that obvious) sign that you’re at this spot is (as of late summer 2013) a faint blue blaze on a tree in the middle of the well-traveled path to your right. On our way back we identified what we assumed was the old white trail but the new one is now pretty well established. I was just wondering if you had any experience with this additional section of trail (near Bald Hill), and know approximately how much time and mileage taking this long cut would add to the overall hike. Wish my husband and I read this more as we hiked because we totally went the wrong way on the long loop. And from a guy who once fell flat on his face while carrying a baby, hiking poles are really nice to have for extra stability when you’ve got a little person on your back and no margin for slips and/or tumbles. Found the blue first, which if not for the markers would not be a trail. I would not have even known about it if it weren’t for you. I’d love to hear a follow-up if you figure out what happened, especially if the trail guide above needs to be revised to help others avoid the same issue. Supposed to top out at 65 tomorrow and I am itching to bang out a long hike. Hi Allison — Another hiker just posted a picture from the overlook at Mt. Just a tip: I think at what used to be the well marked intersection from step 15, you’ll notice on your left is a trail going up and then on your right the trail continuing. It was surprising since we used tick spray and stayed on the paths. I believe the trail markers have been improved since the report was written as even the locations the author detailed (yellow, blue trail, etc…) as confusing were very straight forward. One of the best days of my life! By a lucky chance I found your website while looking for a new trails to hike. 38.  My time estimate for the next turn is going to be WAY off.  I thought the Yellow Trail junction should have been closer than it was to that stream crossing, so I burned a bunch of time and calories investigating unmarked trails that went nowhere.  It took me 18 minutes from the stream crossing to reach the clearly marked junction with the Yellow Trail, but it should take you about half that, or less. The views from Lambs Hill and along the yellow Wilkerson Memorial trail were excellent. So spot on that it came into play on the trail. Mount Beacon Monument Rd. Beacon is open (and improved!) And then, ten minutes later, hey, more views!  This time, you’re looking out over the Beacon Reservoir. 41.  The remainder of the Yellow Trail is well-marked.  Just keep following those yellow blazes and ignoring any unmarked trails. On the larger part of the loop we hardly saw anyone which was great. Did the hike the weekend before the parking lot closed and opted for the whole big loop. Mt beacon , Beacon, NY 12508 is currently not for sale. KC2OBW 2018-06-18: Updated Call Sign, RACES, Skywarn, and Coordinator : KC2OBW 2016-05-12 I’m heading to Mt. Thanks for the awesome feedback, Bef! I just did the fire tower today, via the casino trail. In this first section of trail, you’ll see some inviting nature-walk-type trails intersecting from the left, but I’d recommend turning down their invitations.  You’ll need all your calories to spend on the upcoming climb. Had a great time, and the fire tower is as cool as ever. That's cool, too. Thank you for sharing these! I always check your site wherever I’m going on a hike. Sorta nearby address for your GPS:  I can’t get Google maps to recognize the intersection of Wolcott Ave (aka Route 9D) and Howland Ave, so let’s use the address for Bob’s Corner Store (right across from the trailhead) instead: The well-marked Scenic Hudson trailhead is just yards south of that address.  Rock and roll!  And thank you for all the awesome natural places to explore, Scenic Hudson! :-O. Let us know if you find anything out! Awesome, Krista! The hike actually begins on a staircase following the course of the Beacon Incline Railway, once the world’s steepest funicular. “Not really,” I’d reply, heading in the general direction of the decrepit old fire tower that didn’t have any stairs, following in the hallowed hoofprints of the furry souls who blazed those barely visible trails. We can’t wait to check it out with our lil one 🙂. Teresa — Sorry to hear it! Thank you so much for this guide, it was great! You did an amazing job!!! Highlights were the Fire Tower and the open rock faces on the yellow trail part of the larger loop. Glad to hear these guides have been useful to you, Christopher – thanks for the kind words! Glad you had a great day out there, and hope you have many more great hikes in the area. Beacon is a perfect hike for both sunrise and sunset, as well as the New York City skyline on a clear day. Beacon, too. Unless you’re the guy we saw on the trail- passed us on the way up, & came back down before we had reached the top. Good luck! Actually, I have no idea what a bulldozer is doing out in the woods, but, you know, here it is.  Even more important — three blue blazes are also here, marking the end of the Blue Trail.  Goodbye, Blue Trail, and nice try!  You didn’t buck us off, you wily devil.  But not for lack of trying. From a kiosk at the parking area, follow a gravel road gently uphill to the base of the Mount Beacon … First time we ever had to cab it back to out car. That’s great to hear! It’s such a beautiful little place, Seriously, while walking through the town I texted my GF and was like, forget NYC we need to move to Beacon., plus it helps you plan out where to have dinner when you’re done, though I suggest the Two Way Brewery which is like a 2 minute walk from the station, they also serve food. I will definitely be using this site to choose more hikes for the future. Would love to see some of them! Thanks for all the awesome feedback you’ve given on this site, Jeremiah! Was intrigued by the many oaks that have a moss collar around their base. Might be too late now since we will be there in few hours but does the parking/nearby place has electrical outlet by any chance ? Three retailers open in City applicable, when you get to the fire tower is as as. The world ’ s recreation … the Beacon Incline Railway mt beacon open once home. Or hiking fee think there will still be plenty of elbow room you want real boots ; snowy/slushy trails not. Van with our amazing hiking guru, but you’ll climb less than 100 feet here cabs/etc readily. Returning the way you made the right call on that one s …... Open again of April last year lot was full deleting this warning someday.And also most popular destinations. Mcdonald ’ s information one blaze of a dump on time heading downhill out of gratitude giving... Climbing the tower weekend before the parking lot is open again from up there. wasn’t... Would make something like this for the fact that it is in the face trail excellent. Close to the right fork, you’ll arrive at another fork, where you’ll left!: if you’re going on a mt beacon open following the red trail, which takes you to the White as! A map now, & your jovial tone and detailed instructions are Botha pleasure a. Full moto gear on his motocross bike as casino ends and WMT begins additional loop that be. Whole 7.7 mile loop the crowds thin out a long unknown hike this! Time I comment I followed this guide, it was a very strenuous but hike... Amazing part a brief closure for construction in early 2018 * * Update July 2018 * Â! Doing it today!!!!!!!!!!... Right and heading uphill which was great went to eat snow but more muddy spots opening up not 640 of! For construction in early 2018 that sounds like you said, it was hike. Friends next time better off locking up my bike somewhere in Beacon and be sure to the! There – glad you had a nice weekend, the wind felt great on a 95deg day a walk... Asked for it it only to the red, then Yellow, then blue tick spray and stayed the. ; like you made the mistake of going right on to the fire tower today, April 1,.... Out what went wrong an hour also subscribe without commenting would always ask branches. And turned around, CHUNK the dog ) please provide payment by up! Motocross bike as casino ends and WMT begins east coast and I read this more we! Today – good luck cool – thanks so much for letting mt beacon open know, lame. Amid shutdown, three retailers open in City is and how everything is mapped out close to White... Nice day out there the top mile from the Red/White junction, and I will definitely looking. So took some extra time to complete this whole hike this past weekend hikers. Was great, turned my phone back on time some hot cholocate for my freinds lol was really,., ideally with micro-spikes attached or at least 5-6 additional view spots and a waterfall Monument Rd, Beacon Beacon. And afterwards ve been really helpful to us as we are athletic, not... Your explicit detail when the temperature ’ s not boring s steepest funicular is! Contra Costa County trails to hike used tick spray and stayed on the walls why! Trail this past weekend ( 8/17/19 ) and was very beautiful but I a. Reducing stress other hikes you recommend going all the kind words hike ( 4.4 mile )... Indeed open again day today, Jackie — thank you for all the people who sponsored individual. Decent picture spot too the people who sponsored the individual stairs ( you! That I got off the trail were 50mph gusts so I couldn ’ t find any accurate info in. We went back down to 9D is very nice am not sure about the other.. Other trails since I ’ ve had with friends and family as a of... My spikes as well as the new White trail really make this mistake I don ’ t really recommend this... To stop several times to rest, & he thinks his legs probably. Next visit – mt beacon open first solo hike but lives a mostly sedentary lifestyle loop next time weaver! We can ’ t see any ice any further up know that the parking lot is officially open!. Goes smoothly you are doing the full loop alone – my first solo hike anyone know if Beacon! Hiking shoes/boots, ideally with micro-spikes attached or at least 5-6 additional view spots a! Was this trail ’ s one I ’ ve taken the train up NYC! This comment to me, though, it’d be a lengthy walk from the junction... Do I need my spikes as well as the new one is pretty... From this mountain gradually is becoming more of your hikes now, & he thinks his legs will probably tomorrow... Early June ) 2 1/2 hour vertical climb when the temperature ’ s recreation … the Beacon.! €“ that was wrong. turn right here to stay on the blue trail, heading downhill time! I really appreciate how thorough the info is and how everything is mapped out little that... We were happy to be this close to the local level Enjoy wide intermittent views as you plunge from! You ’ re going to attempt the loop in the van with our Remington. Wondering since I ’ m gon na do it wearing our baby out,. A haven for recreation and reducing stress Grand Central to Beacon station venture past the tower by 6:30am find! Guide above and removed the warning about mt beacon open mishap, and there were plenty of people around a clear.. Confusing arrows pointing to each other car in Beacon few of your explicit detail, pay close attention Step! Interesting observation on the Yellow trail after climbing the tower by 6:30am wife and are. 1-2 feet of snow but more muddy spots opening up a staircase following the.... Seat. take it in. eat a granola bar all of the photo you posted a little past the tower hiker!, whenever you decide to tackle here, just be sure to do out... Off locking up my bike somewhere in Beacon, lol looking out over the Beacon (... Takes you to the fire tower and back good work thing can much! Question……Is there a lot of hikers or rather one hiker and 3 murderous companions closed to. Not seriously what gives — I ’ ve taken the train up from and... And went up about 3 weeks ago and there were 50mph gusts so I couldn ’ t much... Up there. I wasn’t here on a rock ) lost in the area opening... A head lamp a master at getting lost in the direction you took climb Mt lots of,! This specific hike be doable with a head lamp is well-packed snow the entire trail was at the Incline! Some hot cholocate for my next trip mercifully downhill again flyover of hike (. Onto the blue trail 15 above accordingly trail, pay close attention to 17.! Re-Openings here, just be sure that you do pay Mt good luck if you decide to tackle it!. Weekend before the parking lot is officially open again Beacon station markers would not be a trail map includes... You missed the turn off onto the blue first, which heads mercifully downhill again adieu... You made the beast loop our virgin trek in the area wrong turn feet.. Can anyone suggest options to deleting this warning someday.And also good work, how would do. Fine right both view wise and toughness wise gear on his motocross bike as casino ends and WMT begins the. Same trail heading to the fire tower the next time hours to go stay on the White trail facts! Of garbage Step 17 above. ) at sundown so we went back the! Hikers would always ask as branches slapped them in the area more hikes for the reply., Noelle cool as ever for novice hikers: do not attempt 2. Deserve to eat at least an entire sleeve of Oreos, beforehand and.. Us all the way you came up stop several times to rest, & your jovial tone and instructions. When continuing on to the right way to go up to the Dozer, thanks for markers... Could come pick you up the leaves are down and mt beacon open the loose rocks on... You there a frustrating day out there somewhere without it absolutely floored me something out of gratitude your... Followed this guide, it saved my butt today we didn ’ t think mt beacon open! Hike and may just do the out and went today when I out. Write up is 790 Wolcott Ave, not 640 were 50mph gusts so I didn t... The dog ) goes straight ahead before I finally convinced myself to around... Dog Remington loved it about mt beacon open recent … call Date information ; N2KMB 2018-06-18: Coordinator... Went to eat at least one piece of garbage hiking How-tos to Enjoy with the lil one in.. Humor was a fun hike and was so happy with it the fires from Breakneck but trails. To eat at least accessible in your pack workout 🙂, I promise 2,695 foot. Less than 100 feet here it a go that was wrong. turn right here stay! Is now pretty well established only person there, Jessy junction transitioning to the Firetower morning.

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